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Is an international prepaid card program manager. Through our relationships with money networks, sponsoring banks and corporations, we design, create and offer custom-tailored, full service, prepaid card service and programs. EndlessOne Global is a leader in prepaid card innovation for safe, secure and efficient payment processing.

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The first 5000 members of each country will receive a free membership and zero monthly fess on the debit card for the first 3 months, which includes and not limited to the following benefits

Life Insurance (up to $10,000)

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

*Double your Balance-Accident* benefit

*Double your Balance Life* benefit

Private Passenger Automobile Accidental Death Insurance

Common Carrier Accidental Death Insurance.

Permanent & Total Disability lump sum Benefit

Price Protection / Law price guarantee

Extended Service Protection

Warranty Registration

Emergency Travel assistance

Emergency Medical Assistance

Emergency medical evacuation

Zero Monthly debit card fees and more

Get to know EndlessOne Global Inc.

E1G has the capability to offer prepaid cards catering to various industry segments. ... In additional to E1G ’s General Prepaid Card, there is currently under development prepaid card programs which include niche products of Travel Cards, Multicurrency cards, Incentive Cards, and Student Cards. The programs are based on RFID technology secured and encrypted with multi-wallet and 2-way IP connectivity. E1G ’s programs are independent of bank card schemes and are rich in features. E1G is an expert in delivering cardholder/merchant solutions at the lowest cost.

EndlessOne Global Network

We have taken the eWallet to the next level. With multi-currency functionality, our banking software provides processing using next generation methods, our EndlessOne Global Network.

Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG)

Multi-national companies with thousands of employees, distributors and their members located throughout the world, require an efficient and cost effective method for both making monetary payouts and receiving funds. EndlessOne Global has introduced “EndlessOne Global Network”, the most efficient, industry leading web based payment system. EndlessOne Global Network is fully scalable and currently available. With EndlessOne Global Network, multi-national companies can now take advantages of unified access to the Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG). Unlike many competitors, EndlessOne Global Network is instantaneous. Companies can upload funds in real-time to web-based accounts and provide individuals multiple options on receiving money.

The EndlessOne Global Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG)

The EndlessOne Global Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG) provides our clients with both off-the-shelf and customized payment options through a worldwide payment solutions platform tied to Banks, card associations and payment processors, Working through our processors and banking relationships, EndlessOne Global provides a custom, one-stop solution for access and payments to international and domestic bank accounts, debit cards and other payment systems in more than 180 countries. The company also addresses a number of unique banking requirements by supplying payroll, personal spend and expense reimbursement solutions to companies throughout the world. This allows employees, contractors, commissioned salespeople and vendors to be paid securely and on a timely basis. EndlessOne Global also supplies the backbone for many companies that deliver cross border remittance payments to beneficiaries throughout the world

Getting paid just got easier

Secure Money Transfer

With EndlessOne Global’s Card-To-Card transfer systems, Sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and Clicking a few buttons, Sending money to anyone in the world or transferring between your own personal cards is what our systems are designed to do, safely and securely twenty-four hours a day

Payroll Service

Our mission at EndlessOne Global is to support and Promote financial inclusion so that all adults can achieve affordable financial and wellness benefits services for both themselves and their families. As an employer, we invite you to be our partner in building a better life for all your employees.

High Tech Security

EndlessOne SAFE Technology™ offer a unique fraud protection Solution. This technology emperors cardholders to easily change The Secure Code on the back of the card, thus reducing the Threat of theft and fraud. Our web and mobile applications allows cardholders to instantly lock and unlock their cards via their mobile app.

Secure Money Transfers

Affordable Worldwide Card-to-Card Money Transfers With EndlessOne Global worldwide Card-to-Card transfer systems, sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and clicking a few buttons to transfer funds instantly.

EndlessOne Global's new generation of Debit Card solutions and financial software technology is the best card solution for every business, corporation, city, community and individual

With EndlessOne Global's Card-to-Card Transfer systems sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and clicking a few buttons to transfer funds instantly.

Sending money to anyone in the world or transferring between your own personal cards is what our processors do millions of times a day. This process called remittance can generate significant profits, and becomes a steady ongoing revenue stream for our white label clients and franchisees.

EndlessOne Global's unique approach involves giving the card an account identity rather than the identity of the card holder being the basis for the account. Therefore, it is the card's account that can have a virtual checking/saving account and routing numbers, not the person.This distinction provides the highest degree of freedom in creating accounts and moving money to any country, quickly and inexpensively. with the ultimate in security and fewest restrictions.

Send Birthday Money to your sister, Emergency Cash to your son in college or stash away some savings on your secondary card. Whatever your reason, you will enjoy the flexibility to send money instantly worldwide,or schedule a future transfer

EndlessOne Global Card-to-Card Transfer offers an affordable rate that is a fraction of the cost of wiring money. Quick. instant transfers are done in just 3 minutes time. You get the convenience of

Our Endless One Global Network

Provides international/domestic payment accounts for all employees, contractors, affiliates and suppliers with an effective, timely and efficient system.

Conserves cash and eliminates checks while paying individual accounts in real-time

Supplies in multiple currencies, a prepaid debit card to business associates who need it to access their accounts at ATM's and retailers globally.

Provides clients with an alternate means of receiving their money to their respective bank accounts or directly to any debit card, credit card, or even a gift card in any currency of choice.

Eliminates holds on foreign checks, eliminates the risk of checks not received due to loss or error and reduces workforce calls into customer service.

Provide solutions to your most difficult payment challenges.

Provides FX conversions in local country currency. Provides international and Domestic Merchant Processing.

Top Up, Transfer, and Balance Withdraw is Easy!

Smooth Top Up

Balance Withdraw

Loan & Credit

Easy Transfer

How is work

Customers have increasingly used credit and debit cards on a variety of platforms. ... And in the last decade, the growth of mobile payment processing and digital wallets further extended the methods customers can choose to pay. EIG has a safe,secure payments process with proper card verification process. There are four main types of card verification: Online PIN: This method prompts the cardholder to enter their personal identification number (PIN) into the payment terminal or ATM, which is then encrypted and sent to the host (either the bank or processor) for an authorization request. The host then verifies the PIN and returns a transaction approved response. Offline PIN: This is a method done locally between the payment card and terminal. When the PIN check is confirmed via the terminal, the transaction is sent to the host indicating the PIN check was done locally and successfully, and the transaction continues to process. Signature: Primarily used with credit cards, or in lieu of a PIN, a signature can be collected on a receipt or captured digitally at the payment terminal. Consumer Device CDCVM (CDCVM): This verification method is used when the customer’s device is used as a payment method via a mobile wallet. Consumer Device CVM uses either a passcode or biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition depending on the device) to approve the transaction and communicates with the payment terminal to authorize the transaction.

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